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Remarks by Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong at the Opening Ceremony of the CTW Ghana 2017

(17th May, 2017)

Honorable Yofi Grant, CEO of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre,

H.E. Edward Boateng, Ghanaian Ambassador-designate to China,

H.E. Ambassador Kojo Amoo-Gottfried, President of Ghana-China Friendship Association,

Former Ghanaian Ambassadors to China,

Mr. Wang Hailin, Managing Director of MIE Events DMCC,

Chinese and Ghanaian Entrepreneurs,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning!

I am very delighted to attend the opening ceremony of the China Trade Week Ghana 2017 organized by MIE Events. First, I would like to express my congratulations to Mr. Wang Hailin, Managing Director of MIE Events and his team on setting up this important business platform. Mr. Wang visited Ghana for the first time last June and within one year’s time he has succeeded in developing this project. This is not only another manifestation of Chinese speed, but also to a larger degree manifestation of Chinese confidence in Ghana. I would also like to express my appreciation to officials of Ghanaian government and friends of all walks of life in Ghana who have been making important contribution to the development of China-Ghana relations. Without your strong support, this could not happen either.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Ghana 57 years ago, the two countries have enjoyed fruitful cooperation in economic and trade field, bringing tangible benefits to people of two countries. Ghana is an important development partner of China on the African continent. Last year, China-Ghana trade volume registered US$5.976 billion, making Ghana the 7th largest trading partner of China in Africa. China’s import from Ghana was US$1.305 billion and export to Ghana was US$4.671 billion. China’s non-financial direct investment inflows into Ghana hit US$154 million. The value of China’s newly-signed contracts in Ghana reached US$2.511 billion. All these figures come out in front among African countries.

These achievements are not easy to make, especially in light of the sluggish recovery of world economy and some domestic economic challenges on both sides. But the achievements, reinforced by numerous landmark and game-changing projects aided or financed by Chinese government, have vividly told us that China-Ghana economic relations boast high complementarity, extensive diversity, strong tenacity and great potential.

Good stories will continue as now both sides are actively exploring diversified forms of cooperation. For the time being, the Chinese side is implementing 1,000 borehole project in 6 regions and donation of agricultural machinery and solar home system. We will soon begin the new grant project of the construction of landing site in James Town, provide loans to the project of upgrading of polytechnic and technical institutes, and two projects of electrification in several regions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the complex domestic and international situation, China actively adapts itself to changes in the external environment and the new normal of China’s economic development, outlines the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green growth, opening up and sharing, deepens structural reforms especially the supply-side reform, and concentrates its efforts on cultivating new drivers of growth while upgrading traditional ones to expand effective supply and pursue a more balanced, inclusive and sustainable development. Last year, China’s GDP grew by 6.7%, ranking among top of the world’s major economies in terms of growth speed, and made positive progress in structural adjustment.

The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was just concluded in Beijing. More than 100 countries across the world participated in this grand event. China chooses “Belt and Road: Cooperation for Common Prosperity” as the Forum’s theme and the agenda focuses on connectivity of policy, transportation, trade, finance and people. The Chinese side has always believed that the world is a commonwealth and has the aspiration of contributing to the global society. China welcomes people of other countries to take free ride of China's development and provide help to other countries within its capacity.

The NPP government of Ghana has made solemn pledges to Ghanaian people to actively implement concrete measures to achieve industrialization and economic restructuring. With more initiatives such as “One District One Factory”, “One Village One Dam” and “Plantation for Job and Food” being pursued, there will be greater room for China-Ghana cooperation. The two sides need to work more closely than ever to score new achievements and keep forging ahead win-win cooperation.

We should strengthen policy dialogue. China is ready to enhance exchanges of experiences on governance with Ghana so as to learn from each other, jointly build up our capacity, and pave the way for the alignment of our policies and development strategies. We should entrench the concept of win-win cooperation for common development and work together to promote trade and investment facilitation and oppose protectionism.

We should give full play to our own advantages. The Chinese government will encourage credible Chinese enterprises to use all kinds of policy tools to make more investment in Ghana, innovate business mode, increase the technology contents and added value, and elevate the level of localization and internationalization. We expect the Ghanaian government will strengthen overall planning, intensify the policy consistency, transparency and implementation capacity, and further improve business environment for investment.

We should focus on the major projects that have significant bearing on Ghana's national development. China is willing to study in a serious manner the cooperation in energy, infrastructure construction, manufacturing, agricultural modernization and ecological protection to enhance Ghana’s capacity for sustainable self-development. We should stick to intensive development and pay attention to a coordinated layout of infrastructure construction and industry development so that effective investment can be ensured and both sides can reinforce each other.

I am very confident that as long as we display sincerity and solidarity, and conduct cooperation from a long-term and strategic perspective, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Ghana will be promoted a notch higher and create a more brilliant chapter.

Before concluding my remarks, let me disclose a small secret that this exhibition has applied the advanced Internet+ exhibition technology. An App has been designed so that a registered customer will not only enjoy abundant information at this exhibition, but also enjoy the big data of all the exhibitions of MIE organized in the world and for the life long period. B2B discussion can take place on this actual spot in the next 2 days. It can also happen whenever you want and wherever you go.

“If you can innovate for one day, do it day by day, do it everyday.” The saying of ancient Chinese sages admonished us that the pace of innovation should never stop. China now is committed to comprehensive innovation. The Chinese government is mobilizing the whole society to engage in mass innovation. I believe our Ghanaian friends will see, touch and feel all these new developments in China through this exhibition.

Once again, warm congratulations and best wishes for China Trade Week Ghana 2017.

Thank you.

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