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Notice of Interim Measures of Two Separate Nucleic Acid Tests for China-Bound Passengers Taking Flights Departing from Ghana

In order to reduce the risk of the cross-border transmission of COVID-19, the Chinese Embassy in Ghana issued the Notice on Airline Boarding Requirements for Certificates of Negative Nucleic Acid and Anti-Body Blood Tests Results on 1 November. In view of the fact that the IgM anti-body test for COVID-19 is not available to the public now in Ghana, the following adjustments is made on applying for the green health code with “HS” marks and certified health declaration form:

I. Passengers going to China from Ghana via connecting flights as from 0:00 on 7 November 2020 should apply for the green health code with “HS” marks or certified health declaration form by providing two nucleic acid test reports issued within 48 hours of boarding. The specific requirements are as follows:

1. Two samplings and two testings should be done in two different testing institutions within 48 hours before boarding and thereafter 2 certificates of negative results issued by 2 different testing institutions are obtained. The two samplings should be done with proper time interval.

Please visit http://gh.chineseembassy.org/chn/zytz/t1819601.htm to check the 6 testing institutions designated by Chinese Embassy in Ghana and among them choose 2 testing institutions to conduct the tests. Because University of Ghana Medical Center and Public Health and Reference Laboratory at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital only collect samples and the testing of the samples is actually performed in Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, only 1 testing institution can be chosen from the above 3 testing institutions at most.

You are kindly advised to check with the testing institutions the processing time needed so as to avoid possible delay.

2.After receiving the two certificates of negative results, please apply for the green health code with “HS” marks (for Chinese passengers) and certified health declaration form (for foreign passengers) as soon as possible in accordance with the NOTICE of November 1. Both of the two certificates of negative results must be uploaded to the the mini program “COVID-19 Prevention Health Code International Version” in Wechat. “Date of Sampling”in the application should be the date of the first sampling. For example, the date of sampling in application should be November 8 if the date of first sampling is November 8 and the second sampling on November 9. Accordingly, the latest date of flight you can take is November 10.

3.To avoid any delay in check-in at the airport, please make sure you have obtained the green health code with ‘HS’ mark, or certified health declaration form before going to the airport. You are also advised to take the original certificates of negative results with you for check by airlines or other uses.

II. In order to reduce the risk of infection after completing the test, please keep yourself in close loop from outside, avoid public place with mass gathering and wear personal protective equipment during international journey.

III. All the other measures in the NOTICE of November 1 remain unchanged and continue to be implemented. The passengers taking flight from Ghana to China still need to conduct nucleic Acid test and IgM anti-body test in transit country and submit certificates of testing results to Chinese embassy or consulate in transit country.

Once the IgM anti-body test for COVID-19 is available to the public in Ghana, this Embassy will release a notice on the change of testing arrangement..

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ghana

6 November 2020

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