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Xi Jinping Meets with President Truong Tan Sang of Viet Nam

On November 10, 2014, President Xi Jinping met with President Truong Tan Sang of Viet Nam at the Great Hall of the People.

Xi Jinping pointed out, since the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and Viet Nam, the bilateral relations have constantly moved forward in general in spite of twists and turns. An important piece of enlightenment is that as long as the two sides hold a comprehensive and long-term view, insist on mutual respect and friendly consultation, the China-Viet Nam relations will be continuously consolidated and developed. Currently, the international situation is changing profoundly and global competition is going increasingly intense. As both China and Viet Nam are carrying forward reform and revolution cause, deepening cooperation and developing hand in hand conform to the fundamental interests of the two countries and peoples and conduce to the peace, stability and prosperity of the region. The Communist Party of China (CPC) and Chinese government attach great importance to the relations with Viet Nam and hope to develop better the China-Viet Nam comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership. The successful high-level meetings between the two parties and the contacts conducted between relevant departments of the two countries not long ago have laid down measures for the further renewal and development of the bilateral relations. The two sides should make joint efforts to consolidate the momentum for renewing bilateral relations and well develop the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries. Most importantly, the two sides should strengthen strategic communication and have a clear view of the right direction of the bilateral relations. Both sides should stick to properly addressing maritime issues and handling differences through dialogue and consultation, so as to maintain maritime stability and the overall situation of the bilateral relations.

Truong Tan Sang expressed that the Communist Party, government and people of Viet Nam value the traditional friendship between Viet Nam and China and insist on the policy of good-neighborly and friendly cooperation. Viet Nam is willing to strengthen bilateral high-level contacts and non-governmental exchanges, so as to enhance mutual trust, deepen cooperation, promote the improvement of the bilateral relations and drive forward the Viet Nam-China comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership on the right track. Viet Nam is ready to implement the consensus between the two countries, cope with the maritime issues and manage and control differences in an appropriate way through friendly consultations so as to jointly maintain maritime peace and stability and prevent the maritime issues from hurting the bilateral relations.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others attended the meeting.

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