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Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong attended the Hand-over Ceremony of China-aided ICT Lab to Garu-Tempane Senior High School in the Upper East Region
On 13 January 2016, Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong attended the Hand-over Ceremony of China-aided ICT Lab to Garu-Tempane Senior High School in the Upper East Region. Around 500 people including the Upper East Regional Minister Hon. James Zoogah Tiigah, District Chief Executive of Garu-Tempane District Mr. Albert Alazuuga Akuka, leaders of Ghana-China Friendship Association, traditional leaders, school principle, teachers, students and residents from local communities attended the ceremony.
In her speech, Ambassador Sun noted that the Project of China-Ghana Friendship ICT Lab is a brand project executed under the framework of "China-Africa People-to-People Friendly Action" of the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). Last month, the Johannesburg Summit of FOCAC which was held successfully in South Africa, has upgraded China-Africa relations to a new level of Comprehensive Strategic and Cooperative Partnership. China and Africa will focus on the implementation of the "Ten Cooperation Plan" in the next three years, which will bring new historical opportunities for China-Africa cooperation. In recent years, China has carried out a series of major livelihood projects in Ghana, which effectively promoted the economic and social development of Ghana and brought tangible benefits to the Ghanaian people. With abundant natural resources, the Upper East Region has huge potentials in production capacity cooperation with China. The Chinese side will encourage more Chinese enterprises to invest and do business in the Upper East Region, educate them to enhance safety in production and fulfill corporate social responsibility to benefit the local people.
        Regional Minister Hon. Tiigah and other Ghanaian representatives actively expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Chinese side for the valuable support rendered by China to Ghana's economic and social development, especially in the people's livelihood and educational sector. The ICT Lab opened a window for students and residents nearby to get connected with the outside world, and helped them use information and knowledge to drive the development of the Upper East Region to turn on a new look of the Region in due course.
The school teachers, students and community people were singing and dancing with happy laughter and cheerful voices. The hand-over Ceremony was overwhelmed by a joyful atmosphere. Accompanied by Ghanaian representatives, Ambassador Sun unveiled the nameplate of the China-Ghana Friendship ICT Lab, visited the classroom facilities, and warmly interacted with the students on site. Ambassador Sun encourage the students to take full advantage of these facilities, use the information technology to connect with the world, understand China and grasp the development opportunities of the times, so as to become bearers of China-Ghana traditional friendship and builders of Ghana's economy and society.
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