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Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong Attended the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) 7th Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA)/ Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership for Africa (WELA) Graduation Ceremony

On January 21st 2017, the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) 7th Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA)/ Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership for Africa (WELA) Graduation Ceremony took place at Ghana College of Physicians & Surgeons. Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong, Vice President of CEIBS Prof. Yuan Ding, EU Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mr. Willian Hanna, CEIBS graduates and representatives from all walks of life of Ghana, totaling more than 350 people attended the ceremony.

In her speech, Ambassador Sun spoke highly of the achievements made by CEIBS since its establishment and extended warm congratulations to the graduates on their successful completion of studies. She pointed out that the world today calls for strong leadership. The 47th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting on the theme of "Responsive and Responsible Leadership" was successfully held in Davos, which called on world leaders to review the existing international system, improve and reconstruct it into a new one to be better adapted to the more complicated and pluralistic situation of today.

Ambassador Sun said China is taking up the leadership responsibility of global economic governance and making fresh contribution to the world economy. At the G20 Hangzhou Summit, China chose "Toward an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy" as the theme, committed to building a fair, just and open global economic system, and came up with an integrated prescription to addresses both the symptoms and root causes of the global economic problems. At the 24th APEC Economic Leader's Meeting, China committed itself to strongly supporting the building-up of Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area (APFTA), unswervingly leading the process of economic globalization, upgrading the open economy of the Asia-Pacific region, cracking the regional bottleneck of connection and creating a pattern of reform and innovation. At the Davos Forum, H.E. President Xi Jinping pointed out that we shall neither regard the globalization as the scapegoat nor build the wall of protectionism. The path of world economic development shows that openness brings progress and isolation leads to backwardness. We shall never repeat the beggar-thy-neighbor approach. China firmly supports the multilateral trading regime and reaffirms its commitment against protectionism. We hope all countries can strengthen the coordination of our macroeconomic policies and press forward structural reform to build an inclusive world economy to promote win-win interconnection and sustainable development.

Ambassador Sun said that African countries are facing some common bottleneck issues such as inadequate infrastructure, lack of professional and skilled personnel and funding shortage, and shoulder the heavy task of developing economy and improving people's livelihood. In conducting China's relations with Africa, the Chinese side adheres to the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith and upholds the values of friendship, justice and shared interests as well as the five cooperative concepts of "common, intensive, green, safe and open" development, and works with the African side to embrace a new era of win-win cooperation and common development.

Vice President of CEIBS Prof. Yuan Ding and EU Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mr. Willian Hanna delivered a speech respectively. They gave high appreciation of the speech delivered by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Davos Forum, expressed that globalization is beneficial to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth of world economy. Leaders should play a leading role correctly, demonstrate responsible leadership. And CEIBS is taking concrete actions to support African talent training and promote economic and social development of Africa.  

Ambassador Sun also presented the Alumni of the Year Awards to the Awardee graduate.

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